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Call for Participation

We are pleased to announce our first call for participation in a co-creation process on the topic of Planetary Health communication.

On March 28th at 3:30 PM, we will hold an in-person workshop in Munich where experts, practitioners, and researchers from science communication and planetary health will come together to develop ideas and form teams. In the workshop, English and German speakers are welcomed.

Find the Call in English and German with further information about the process and important deadlines. We would be very pleased if you share our call with your network and, of course, if you participate in our workshop/submit a proposal yourself.

Don’t hesitate to distribute the call in your respective networks.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please have a look at our FAQ, do not hesitate to contact us at: We will have a virtual Q&A on February 21, 3:30 PM (German time), the details will be shared on our mailing list, to which you can sign on right here:


    MSCL Presentation Video

    An introductory video on the MSCL’s topic area, goals, planned processes, and participants.

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    This video was produced by MediaSchool Bayern for the Munich Science Communication Lab.

    Science communication is currently facing the challenge of explaining the complex links between climate change and human health and pointing out options for action. Global challenges such as pandemics or climate change are proving that scientific research, societal changes, individual choices and political actions are tightly entangled. In no field is this so evident as in the emerging field of planetary health.

    This videos introduces the Munich Science Communication Lab (MSCL), located at LMU Munich, which is taking on this challenge and addressing burning issues in the field of planetary health. The MSCL is based on a partnership between science communication academics, practitioners and subject-matter researchers.

    Events News

    Communicating Planetary Health Workshop

    Virtual Workshop on February 25 2021 with the goal to be a first milestone for the Lab.


    Planetary health is an incredibly important, large and complicated issue. This means, there needs to be a vision, collaboration, and creativity. Or to put it in terms of the planetary health community, there is a knowledge challenge, an implementation challenge, and an imagination challenge before us.

    With the Munich Science Communication Lab, we want to be part of this transdisciplinary community because we think that communication plays a threefold important role in the processes at hand. First, communication is important for us in interacting with the public we serve – to get the message out. Secondly, communication is also important to get the message in, to understand how the public perceives our facts, visions, and solutions. Thirdly communication is important for us as a field, to understand ourselves and each other. Defining what we are and agreeing on a common language, while keeping our diversity and openness.

    The workshop created a shared vision of how to do this.