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Evaluation in der Wissenschaftskommunikation

07 and 08. December 2023

The Munich Science Communication Lab (MSCL) and the Impact Unit invite you to the joint conference “Evaluation in Science Communication” at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. The conference will present and discuss current developments, challenges, and future perspectives of evaluations in science communication and will bring together insights from practice and research.

Current discussions show again and again how important a comprehensible, credible, and effective science communication is. Therefore, it is key to reflect on whether projects of science communication are really making a difference, to ask questions about quality, and to discuss what constitutes good science communication. Evaluations are means to check the effectiveness of a science communication project. However, they can also help to better understand the mechanisms of a project and identify areas for improvement.

This conference will provide a space for 1) reflection on current challenges in evaluating science communication, 2) the presentation of learnings and recommendations for the evaluation of science communication from practical and scientific perspectives, 3) the discussion of future developments in science communication evaluation, and 4) exchange and networking among science communication practitioners and researchers in order to foster collaborations and mutual support opportunities.

The conference is aimed in particular at…

  • Science communication practitioners (e.g. representatives from communication departments of universities and research institutions, schools, museums/science centers);
  • Researchers of all disciplines involved in science communication;
  • Scientists with a focus on science communication;
  • Science communication trainers

This is an in-person event held in German – however, you can always ask questions and make comments in English if you feel more comfortable.

Location: Oettingenstraße 67, Raum B001 and Foyer

Preliminary program: