Wissen kommunizieren. Ethische Anforderungen an die Kommunikation zwischen Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft.

Claudia Paganini, Marlis Prinzing, Julia Serong.
Nomos, 2023, 231 Seiten, broschiert
ISBN 978-3-8487-8846-0

Abstract: Communicating knowledge places ethical demands on communication between science and society. Communicating knowledge has always been relevant but suffered a loss of trust in the context of the coronavirus pandemic—among other things, due to research results published under extreme pressure or contradictory information that unsettled the population. This volume uses resources from media ethics to provide more guidance in this respect. Its aim is to classify the facets of communicating knowledge for both the actors involved and the public and to highlight its connecting points for practice as well as its undesirable developments and the opportunities it offers. The book contains contributions that are programmatic, theoretical and practice-related, as well as texts on normative requirements for science journalism and science communication. Its interdisciplinary contributions are compatible with the discourses in various disciplines.

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