MSCL Colloquium – Prof. Dr. Julia Pongratz

We would like to invite you to our next MSCL Colloquium on July 26th 12:00.

Prof. Dr. Julia Pongratz will speak about the Challenges in the Discourse about Carbon Capture and Storage: Improving Technological Mitigation without Risking Rebound Effects. With the Paris Agreement, many countries in the world have committed themselves to implementing methods of “Carbon Dioxide Removal”. Prof. Dr. Pongratz will discuss the opportunities and risks associated with this emerging field of climate science and policy.

Prof. Pongratz is a professor and chair in the Department of Physical Geography and Land Use Systems department at LMU and the Director of the Department of Geography at LMU.

This is an online event carried out in English. However, questions in German are also welcomed. We look forward to your participation in our lively after-talk discussion! If you haven’t yet, please register in advance here.

If you missed the event, you can still watch Prof. Pongratz’s presentation here:

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