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Experiment: The Earth Under the Microscope

One of the six experiments supported by the MSCL launched its exhibition this month in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. This project was selected from the MSCL Call for Participation in February 2022.

Location: Science Communication Lab, Auditorium in the first floor, Deutsches Museum


  • 09.01.2023 — 15.01.2023 Pop-Up exhibition
  • 16.01.2023 — 22.01.2023 Pop-Up exhibition
    Exchange with scientists on site
  • 23.01.2023 — 29.01.2023 Pop-Up exhibition
    Exchange with scientists on site
    Self-supervised exploration of satellite data through a “microscope”
  • 30.01.2023 — Feb/Mar 2023 Pop-Up exhibition
    Self-supervised exploration of satellite data through a “microscope”


Where do my cereals come from? What about Planetary Health? We are facing major challenges: a growing world population needs to be fed. In the process, planetary boundaries have long been exceeded, and the global ecosystem is under strain. Does modern, intensive agriculture really provide food for all? Our food system is in a deep crisis. Why is that, what does it matter to me, and what role does my own consumption play? Is there hope, and what can I do? A view from space gives answers.

In this exhibition, you are the center of attention. Surely you have a lot of questions. We provide you not only with facts and figures. Follow in the footsteps of researchers yourself and examine real satellite data and Planetary Health under the microscope. Get an overview and draw conclusions. Intuitive graphics help you to put everything into perspective. You are also invited to ask questions directly to a local expert! What about agriculture in your neighborhood? See the latest images from the European Earth observation satellite “Sentinel”!

At the end of the exhibition, the group asks you to answer a few questions as part of your experience. It is quick and fun!

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